• It was the French expedition of Pierre-Dominique Gaisseau who crossed all western New-Guinea from Arafura sea to Hollandia. They first went up Eilanden river before reaching the mountains and going back down the north coast. This walk took them 7 months with 60 Muyu porters. When they reached the village of Kenielengde, a Muyu porter died there on December 15, 1959. His name was Frans Kambou and they buried him at the entrance of the village. His grave is in front of Kenyelengde village. Kenielengde in 2001.
    30 years later, another French expedition with only 2 guys and no assistance repeated for the first time this expedition. It took them 75 days to reach Jayapura. Their names were Arnoult Seveau and Luc-Henri Fage. They spent several days with Dimane Balio.