My name is ANTONI SITEPU and I have been living in Jayapura, West Papua since 1993. The rich cultural heritage of West Papua immediately interested me and I have been trekking and exploring here ever since. I have graduated from the Tourism Academy and am well prepared to host you on your own adventure in West Papua. Through my travels, I have become very familiar with the various tribes and have been adopted into several. I often accompany tour groups but I also have a small but highly trained staff of experienced guides to lead you any kind of trek or adventure.

BEBAS SEMBIRING is another extensive experience in travel business both from guiding and the operational perspectives, make him one of the top guide in Papua. He loves the indigenous people, their traditional and cultures make any trip with special by him. He guides tourists to interior regions such as Una, Korowai and Yali tribe. He is the representative of Thierry Robinet clients in Papua where very often he got clients from France TV making documentary films in Papua.
Our goal is to make your trip as comfortable as possible while spending time in the remote areas of West Papua. All our tours include an experienced cook who manages to whip up some fantastic meals over an open fire. We can cater to dietary needs such as vegetarians. We also supply high quality tents so all you need to bring is a sleeping mat and a warm sleeping bag. All this is explained when you book a tour with us as we will supply you with a suggested packing list.

I hope you can learn about the tribes of West Papua while on your trek with Papua Jaya Trekking Tours and Travel. We will do everything in our power to make your trip enjoyable.