• Great distance and rugged terrain separate the Yali area from Dani area in the Baliem valley. The Yali people live in the highland forest region, with glistening waterfalls and rocky, mountainous terrain. The various Yali tribes are geographically separated by rough mountains and so have developed many distinct languages and customs.

    Yali people are great hunters and are experts with bows and arrows. They live in small villages perched on the sides or narrow tops of steep mountains. Their huts are made from Pandanus leaf and are pointed on top. They are short stocky people who are superbly built to handle walking up and down hills all their lives. Their main food is sweet potatoes and taro that they grow on the mountainsides.

    To reach the Yali tribal region, you have to fly by charter aircraft operated by the missionaries. The flight is exhilarating as you fly over dense mountains of primal rainforest and land on a narrow grass strip on the top of a mountain! Once in the Yali region, we can design a trip for you to take in several villages and cultural events such as a pig feast and dancing.