• The city of Manokwari is located at the northern part of Papua. This is the main port for seeing many beautiful sites in this area, including Amban beach, Mount Arfak and Cenderawasih Bay. Cenderawasih bay was named after the Cenderawasih bird which means “Bird of Paradise” and many of these unique and extravagantly beautiful birds can been viewed here. After visiting this area in the 1850 the highly regarded naturalist, Sir Alfred Wallace writes those dark forests produced the most extraordinary and most beautiful of the feathered inhabitants of the earth. After diving waters of Cenderawasih Bay, Jacque Cousteau says that” This area offers some of the best diving in the world”.

    With Papua Jaya Trekking and Tours, you can explore the many sites this region has to offer: birdwatching, butterfly or orchid viewing trips, hiking in the coastal jungles, or seeing islands in the Bay area by canoe or outrigger boat. It is possible to design trips lasting from 5 – 10 days here, sleeping on the beach under the stars or staying in village huts or in tents. For a trekking adventure we can fly to Anggi Lake and trek down to the coast. We can design a trip for you to see some or all of your interests in this area…please