• Bark Painting

    Jayapura is the capital city of West Papua and is located along the northern shore, close to Papua New Guinea. It is a very scenic city as it is nestled in the hills around Humboldt Bay ( now called Yos Sudarso Bay). The city of 300,000 people has a busy airport as it is one of the major entry points into all of central West Papua. The airport is located about one hour away from the city center, near the edge of Lake Sentani. This clear, freshwater lake is outstandingly beautiful and we often include a day boat tour to our clients to see some of the unique barkcloth art and other crafts made here. And it is possible to eat some of the fresh fish available here which is delicious!

    Around Jayapura there are many historical sites from World War 2 and also an interesting museum which highlights local carvings and crafts. These can also be included in a day tour with our company.