• Raja Ampat

    Located in the Coral Triangle, at the top western point of Papua, is a beautiful area called Raja Ampat. The seas around the many islands of Raja Ampat hold the richest variety of species of underwater fish and animals in the world. Over the past few years, Raja Ampat has become known as one of the world’s best diving regions.

    The islands of Raja Ampat extend over quite a large area. You have several options if you wish to dive in this area. One is to live-a-board on a diving ship and travel around to several islands and dive sites. If the thought of being on a boat for a week is too much for you, then you may choose to relax on the shore at several well accommodated resorts which are located at the heart of some fabulous dive sites. Besides diving, you can hike on some of the islands and also see some Bird of Paradise sites as well.

    If you are interested in combining some diving with your Papua trekking tour, then this can be arranged through our company. After some highland trekking, you may want to relax for a week and complete your trip of a lifetime with some spectacular diving. Please contact us with your ideas CLICK LINK HERE