• In the southern swampy area of southern Papua we find the home of the Korowai and Kombai tribes. These tribes are quite famous as the “Tree house tribes” as they live in houses built up to 20 meters off the ground. This is for protection and enables them to see their enemies coming through the dense swampland below. Both of these tribes are hunting tribes who get their food from the forest and by harvesting sago palm trees. Once an area is depleted of food sources, the tribe moves on to another location, builds another house and begins again.

    Missionaries arrived in the early 1970’s and this has changed some of the traditional way of life here. Despite this, the Korowai and Kombai have remained quite remote and they remain relatively true to their traditions as few tourists venture to this area.

    With Papua Jaya Trekking Tours and Travel, we can visit some traditional villages in this region and see how they still harvest sago from palm, how they fish and hunt and visit their treehouse homes. It is possible to fly to a town nearby and then travel by motorized canoe or walk to the villages. The trekking here is wet and hot as we must walk through a lot of swampy land. This makes it somewhat difficult but to see these tribes and learn about their cultures is still very possible. We can gladly recommend a trip for you here.